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Electrical Engineering(5th Semester)



Discipline- Electrical               Semester- 5th                          Name of the teaching Faculty- Sunita Prusty

                                                                                                Semester from 16.07.2018 to 15.11.2018



Microprocessor & Its Interfacing           No of Days                                              No. of Weeks-14

                                                                Weekly Class Allotted

Week                                                      Class Days                                              Theory Topics


1st                                                            1st                                                                                          Evaluation of Microprocessor

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Advantage and application of Microprocessor

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Micro computer

                                                                4th                                                                                          Architecture of 8085 MP


2nd                                                           1st                                                                                          Functional block diagram

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Interface section      

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Address bus, DATA bus, Control bus

                                                                4th                                                                                          Pin diagram and description


3rd                                                            1st                                                                                          Clock plus generation and description

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Symbol and Abbreviations

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Addressing Modes

                                                                4th                                                                                          Grouping of Instruction


4th                                                            1st                                                                                          Explain different group instruction with example

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Instruction fetching and execution

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Timing diagram of different machine cycle

                                                                4th                                                                                          Condition flags


5th                                                            1st                                                                                          Assembly language

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Hand Assembler and Cross Assembler

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Advantage of Assembly language

                                                                4th                                                                                          Advantage of high level language


6th                                                            1st                                                                                          Modular and structure programming

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Micro programming

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Counter and time delay

                                                                4th                                                                                          Stack and sub routine


7th                                                            1st                                                                                          Assembly language Programming

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Example of Programming

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Practice of Programming

                                                                4th                                                                                          Programming


8th                                                            1st                                                                                          Primary memory, RAM, EPROM, PROM, EEPROM

                                                                2nd                                                                                         RAM, Secondary Memory

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Internal Organization of RAM and ROM

                                                                4th                                                                                          CHIP select generation of Memory


9TH                                                           1st                                                                                          I/O port addressing

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Generation of CHIP select

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Functional block diagram of 8255

                                                                4th3                                                                                        Operation of 8255


10TH                                                         1st                                                                                          Programming of 8255

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Programmable interval timer Intel - 8253

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Functional block diagram and interfacing of 8259

                                                                4th                                                                                          Description of operational modes


11TH                                                         1st                                                                                          Programming

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Functional block diagram and description of blocks

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Interrupt modes

                                                                4th                                                                                          Programming of 8259


12TH                                                         1st                                                                                          Communication Models

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Functional block diagram and description of blocks of 8251

                                                                3rd                                                                                          DA Converter specification

                                                                4th                                                                                          AD Converter specification


13TH                                                         1st                                                                                          AD  output Codes

                                                                2nd                                                                                         The DAC 0808 Principle of operation

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Application of DAC for speed control of DC Motor

                                                                4th                                                                                          The ADC 0801 principle of operation with example



14TH                                                         1st                                                                                          Digital Clock

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Digital Clock

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Traffic light controller

                                                                4th                                                                                          Traffic light controller



Discipline- Electrical               Semester- 5th                          Name of the teaching Faculty- Mr. Jenamani Sahoo

                                                                                                Semester from 16.07.2018 to 15.11.2018



Entrepreneurship and management      No of Days                                              No. of Weeks- 15

                                                                Weekly Class Allotted- 5

Week                                                      Class Days                                              Theory Topics


1st                                                            1st                                                                                          Meaning, Features and Components of business

                                                                2nd                                                                                         Different forms business organization with features

                                                                3rd                                                                                          Meaning, Definition and importance of Management

                                                                4th                   &nb